The Spruce Bark Beetle and Drones

Increasing Challenges with the Spruce Bark Beetle in Sweden

Every year, the spruce bark beetle devastates millions of cubic meters of spruce forests in Sweden, resulting in significant monetary losses for forest owners, amounting to several billions of dollars. Moreover, the damage inflicted by the spruce bark beetle is expected to rise in many parts of Europe in the near future.1

The most effective way to curb the spread of the spruce bark beetle is to deforest and eliminate infected trees from the affected area as soon as possible. Unfortunately, it has been reported that over 75% of damaged trees are left untreated due to delayed detection and response, which is often caused by the inadequate capacity of forest owners to manage the outbreak.2

Adopting more efficient inventory methods would enable prompt action, leading to a healthier forest with improved carbon storage and a steady supply of high-quality timber.3

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Detecting Outbreaks in a Timely Manner

Drones have proven to be highly effective in quickly detecting spruce bark beetle outbreaks. One of the major benefits of using drones is the significant time saved in identifying established outbreaks, which in turn allows for better prediction of potential new outbreaks in the surrounding area. This enables forest managers to focus their efforts on areas where damage is more likely to occur.1

When a tree is infested with the spruce bark beetle, its timber quality may be downgraded due to the marks left by the beetle. In some cases, the tree may be so severely damaged that it is only suitable for pulpwood.

While smaller forested properties can be surveyed on foot within a relatively short time frame, larger properties exceeding 100 hectares can be surveyed much more efficiently using drones.

Sources: 1.Skogsstyrelsen, SLU (2022)

We can help out

Copture is one of Sweden’s most experienced drone companies, with over 12 years of industry expertise. The company use professional drone pilots and interpreters who are equipped to analyze and identify spruce bark beetle outbreaks as well as other forest-related challenges such as winter damage and windfall that in turn contribute to the spread of the beetle.

The images captured by the drones are analyzed to provide detailed insights that can be delivered in a variety of formats, tailored to the specific needs of our customers. This enables prompt action to be taken to prevent the spread of the beetle and mitigate the potential economic losses for forest owners.

Copture’s expertise in forest management has made it a trusted partner for forest owners in Sweden, helping them to safeguard their forests and improve their overall health and productivity.

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Advantages of Copture's Drone Remote Sensing Services​

Copture offers a range of benefits to forest owners and managers through its drone remote sensing services, including:

  • Rapid analysis of large forested areas in a short period of time
  • Scalable services, allowing for quick expansion of capacity to match the needs of clients
  • Competitive pricing and a high return on investment (ROI), providing good value for money per hectare analyzed
  • Professional interpreters with extensive forestry experience, ensuring accurate and reliable analysis of forested properties
  • Nationwide coverage throughout Sweden, catering to the needs of forest owners and managers across the country


By leveraging these advantages, Copture’s drone remote sensing services can help forest owners and managers make informed decisions about forest management, ensuring the health and productivity of their properties while minimizing the impact of forest pests and other challenges.

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