Solar Panels and Drones

Drone-Based Surveillance of Solar Energy Installations in Sweden

The role of photovoltaic (PV) energy in diversifying the global energy portfolio is expanding at an unprecedented rate. With the proliferation of PV installations, the imperative for streamlined maintenance methodologies has become more pronounced. Traditional on-foot surveys of these installations present significant challenges, including prolonged duration and elevated safety risks, particularly in expansive or remote arrays.

At Copture, we have advanced the approach to PV system health assessments in Sweden. Through the adoption of cutting-edge drone (UAV) technology, we provide solutions that not only enhance efficiency and cost-effectiveness but also elevate safety protocols for photovoltaic energy sites.

Solceller och drönare
hotspot solceller

Thermal anomalies detected on the photovoltaic (PV) module suggest elevated temperature levels, indicative of a compromised cell. This solar panel requires diagnostic assessment.

A Future-Proof Solution

Drones are at the forefront of innovating the way solar energy farms are inspected and managed, both throughout the construction phase and in ongoing operations.

  • Operational Efficiency: Drones are capable of rapidly and precisely surveying extensive solar energy installations, dramatically decreasing the duration of inspection cycles in comparison to conventional practices.
  • Safety Enhancements: The deployment of drones mitigates the necessity for human presence in potentially hazardous conditions or difficult-to-reach locations, thereby lowering the probability of work-related accidents and injuries.
  • Advanced Data Acquisition: Equipped with ultra-high-definition imaging and specialized thermal imaging technology, drones are able to procure detailed and extensive visual documentation, offering an exhaustive analysis of the solar panels’ status.
  • Economic Advantages: UAV-assisted inspections streamline the process, significantly curtailing the need for extensive manual effort and thereby presenting a more economically viable alternative for the systematic upkeep and surveillance of solar energy facilities.

What We Offer

With a rich history spanning over 12 years, Copture stands as a pioneering force in Sweden’s UAV sector, specializing in the inspection of solar energy installations with the latest in thermal imaging technology.

  • Comprehensive Inspection Services: To ensure peak operational efficiency and extend the lifespan of solar facilities.
  • Advanced Diagnostic Analysis: Leveraging data analytics for swift pinpointing of anomalies and suboptimal components.
  • Post-Installation Verification: Thorough evaluations post-setup to guarantee system integrity and functionality.
  • Maintenance and Repair Validation: Pre- and post-intervention assessments to confirm the efficacy of maintenance efforts.
  • Construction Phase Support: Enhancing project efficiency, safety, and data quality, while minimizing costs and timelines.
solceller drönare
copture drönarflygning pågår

Why Choose Copture

Operational Excellence: Our UAV solutions facilitate meticulous inspections of photovoltaic (PV) farms, maximizing component efficacy for optimal energy output, reducing maintenance overheads, and boosting operational efficiency.

  • Adaptability and Growth: Tailored services that can swiftly adapt and scale to meet project demands, ensuring flexibility and dependability for your enterprise.
  • Investment Efficiency: Our cost-efficient strategies enhance your solar investment returns through streamlined operational processes.
  • Specialized Expertise: A crew of adept operators, equipped with extensive training and experience, dedicated to managing your solar projects with unmatched precision and skill.
  • Nationwide Coverage: Copture’s widespread operational footprint across Sweden positions us as a steadfast ally in the solar industry, poised to support clients in Sweden and Scandinavia.

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