Forestry and Drones

Drones and the Future of Forestry

The forestry sector faces growing challenges. Climate change, pests, and complex forest management demand meticulous monitoring. Traditional forest inventory methods can be cumbersome and not always accurate.

Drone technology offers an advancing solution. With the ability to quickly map extensive areas, drones can provide detailed insights into a forest’s health, composition, and terrain. This aerial technology can identify vulnerable areas, optimize the logistics of logging operations, and enhance the monitoring of reforestation.

In vast, roadless areas, drones enable precise and cost-effective surveillance, positioning the use of drones at the forefront of forestry development.

drönare i skogsbruket
drönare i skogsbruket

From Planting to Logging

Drones are a revolutionary tool with the potential to deeply transform forestry practices. Drones can be used for a variety of tasks in the forest, including:

  • Forest Inventory: Drones can be deployed to collect data on forest stock, such as the number of trees, size, and age. This information can be utilized to make decisions on land preparation, planting, thinning, logging, reforestation, and other issues.
  • Management: Drones can be employed to monitor forests and identify potential problems, such as harmful insects like the spruce bark beetle, fungal infections such as root rot and diplodia, as well as fires and diseases. This can help prevent issues from escalating and damaging the forest.
  • Planning: Drones can be used to inspect forests and serve as an invaluable tool for creating elevation models for, for example, planting maps.

Our Capabilities

Copture boasts over 12 years of industry experience and stands as one of Sweden’s most established drone companies. Our expert teams, comprising pilots and analysts, specialize in flying over forested areas to identify signs of infestation and damage, carry out inventories, and perform calculations for tasks such as land preparation, forest regeneration, planning maps, and the need for thinning and clearing.

Depending on the forest owner’s preferences, Copture can deliver the image analysis in a variety of formats, enabling swift actions to optimize forestry operations and minimize potential damage.

drönare i skogsbruket
copture drönarflygning pågår

Our Advantages

  • Analyze large areas quickly and efficiently.
  • Flexible and scalable – we can easily adjust capacity based on your requirements.
  • Low cost per hectare and high return on investment (ROI).
  • All our expert interpreters have extensive forestry education and solid experience.
  • Copture operates across all of Sweden.

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