Drones and Cell Tower Inspections

Inspection of Cell Sites using Drones

Inspection of telecom masts, telecom towers, cell towers and other communication structures is a critical part of ensuring a reliable telecommunications infrastructure.

With the help of advanced drone technology, this process becomes not only more efficient but also more comprehensive and detailed.

By creating a digital twin of the structures, Copture can offer in-depth analysis and monitoring of telecom masts and similar infrastructure with high precision and accuracy.

telemast drönare inspektion
telemast drönare inspektion

Advantages of Using Drones for Cell Tower Inspections

Using drones to inspect telecoms masts and other communication structures brings a range of benefits that are crucial for the efficiency and safety in the telecoms industry:

  • Reduced costs: The use of drones to carry out inspections of cell towers can often cut the costs in half. This is because the need for on-site staff is significantly reduced, inspections are carried out more quickly, and costs related to specialised equipment and safety measures can be avoided. In addition, the risk of injuries and accidents is reduced, further reducing labour and insurance costs.
  • Increased accessibility: Drones can reach places that are difficult to access for humans, making the inspection more comprehensive and thorough.
  • Speed and efficiency: Drones allow inspections to be carried out faster than traditional methods, reducing downtime and increasing productivity.
  • Minimised risk: Using drones reduces the risk of occupational injuries and safety incidents associated with climbing tall masts and towers.
  • High-resolution images and data: Drones equipped with advanced sensors can generate high-quality data and images that enable accurate analyses of the condition of structures.
  • Digital twin : A digital twin in the form of a 3D model provides an excellent measurable overview of the installation, including what equipment is present and how it is assembled. This provides a good basis for expansion and extension. The model can also reveal faults and deficiencies in equipment and structure, and identify foreign objects from animals, plants and weather conditions (e.g. ice). The model can be supplemented with details of the installed equipment based on AI-based identification from a reference database, creating a complete twin that streamlines documentation, operation, maintenance and deployment. This greatly reduces the need for site visits and climbing.1

Why choose Copture?

Copture is the optimal choice for inspection of telecoms masts and other communication structures in Sweden. Here are some reasons why:

  • Specialised expertise: We have specialised expertise in the telecommunications industry and understand the unique needs and challenges associated with the inspection of telecom masts and communication structures.
  • Advanced technology: We use the latest drone models and advanced sensors to ensure high-quality inspections and accurate analyses.
  • Strategically located pilots: Our pilots are strategically deployed across Sweden, making us fast and flexible to act when needed.
  • Established experience: As one of Sweden’s oldest and most experienced drone companies, we have a proven track record of delivering reliable and professional services to our customers.
  • Customised solutions: We work closely with our customers to understand their specific needs and deliver tailored solutions that meet their requirements and expectations, including continuous monitoring through digital twins.


Choose Copture to get a reliable, efficient and professional partner for the inspection of cell towers and other communication structures.

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